Thursday, October 16, 2008

Athazagoraphobia "Did I Forget Something"

Carter and Aditi are sitting in a coffee shop and carter is holding a cup of Espresso Con Panna ,Aditi is just having a plain cold coffee. Their hearts are filled with feeling of great pleasure and they are happy like they never been anytime, Its all because they are about to get married and their parents have approved theirs decision. But there is some thing always kept bothering Carter, and Aditi is well known about his confusion. Aditi said "come on Carter you don't have to worry about that,we both consulted the doctor and he said its nothing so serious, Don't you remember that he said you'll be alright after getting marriage". Carter couldn't resist him from his problem and fled away to his car to check whether he had his cars locked properly,he use to do this checking, 3 times in 5 minutes. When he came back into the shop, Aditi wanted to cool him down. Carter in total disappointment replied "see Aditi even now I doubted myself whether I locked my car or just forgot to do so and I did it almost three times withing four minutes. This is what keeping me crazy all the days.I am suffering from Fear of forgetting things that I am doing and I am so worried that I could fail you in this relationship".Carter is always confused of whether he is doing Injustice to Aditi by marrying her with this phobia,but Aditi would die to get married with Carter what so ever. Aditi made him clear about her thoughts and Carter is so pleased to get such an understanding women as his life partner

It is few days before marriage Aditi's younger sister Jukhi came back from Moscow where she is practicing as Doctor.She is more like a brat and very naughty girl who is so playful. She use to tease Aditi and Carter a lot. Almost a couple of days before marriage Carter got a call from Aditi asking him to come over to her house for doing shopping, Carter could not resist and went to her house. When the door opened,Carter can see only Jukhi standing as though she just came from the shower to answer the door.Jukhi asked him to come in, but Carter's phobia made him to walk to his car and he wanted to check whether he applied the hand brakes because he is not sure and forgot whether he did the first time. When Carter let himself into the house He found Jukhi still wearing a small cloth around her, not to mention that Jukhi had a very good looking eyes and very very attractive ,she could be seductive to any man, after-all all men are just men and they are not God. Carter is just disturbed in his mind and wanted to get rid of this non-sense,So he started saying to himself "Stop it Carter she is your wife's sister",But Jukhi interrupted and said it was she who called him disguised as her sister Aditi and wanted this lonely moments to spend with him and she asked him to take her for granted and it is going to be with them,"no one is going to know about this" this is what she said. Carter in shock couldn't think for a while,too many things are going in his mind. He never wanted to betray Aditi who is so true to him and also can't resist Jukhi's temptation. Jukhi said "Carter if its OK for you,I'll be waiting for you upstairs. Carter started to walk towards the door and opened it to let himself out of the house, as though he had decided to stay true to Aditi. When he opened it he saw Aditi waiting outside the house and she ran to him and hugged Carter so tightly with tears rolling down her cheeks and said "I,shouldn't have tested your loyalty towards me,but its all Jukhi's plan to do this prank drama to test your loyalty".When Jukhi came down and congratulated their love for each other,Carter just thought how his Phobia "made him to get out of the house to check his car's doors" had helped him not to fall for their trap and smiled saying"sometimes bad have some good in it"to himself........................

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